Exploring the Effective Restaurant Cause-Related Marketing Ad: The Moderating Roles of Advertising Types and Social Causes

Executive Summary

Purpose: This experimental study aims to examine the effectiveness of cause-related marketing messages that incorporate both text and visuals, as compared to messages comprised solely of text, on the attitudes and behavioral intentions of restaurant customers, and to see if the impact varies across four categories of social causes (health, animal welfare, human services, and the environment).

Findings: Restaurant messages that combine text and visuals are more effective than restaurant messages with only text in engendering positive attitudinal and behavioral responses. This paper also found interaction effects between ad type and cause category on individuals’ responses (i.e., attitudes and behavioral intentions).

Research Notes

Design/methodology/approach: This experimental study employs a 2 (type of message) × 4 (cause category) between-subjects design.

Full Report

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International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management


Sung-Bum Kim, Kathleen Jeehyae Kim, Dae-Young Kim

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