Corporate Sustainable Business Practices and Talent Attraction

Executive Summary

This study aimed to investigate whether organizations can leverage their sustainable business practices to recruit talented employees, in order to gain competitive advantage over their competitors.

Using factorial design, the researchers conducted an experiment to assess the attractiveness of an organization in line with the social identity theory, including environmental performance, community relation, workplace, and marketplace performance.

Findings: The study supported the notion of social identity theory as study subjects were attracted more to organizations with high corporate sustainable business practices than organizations with low sustainability practices. Specifically, findings of the study revealed that job applicants have a higher intention to join and willingness to accept a job offer from organizations with more sustainable business practices.

Full Report

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Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal


Mohamad Abu Huzaifah bin Magbool, Azlan Amran, Mehran Nejati, and Krishnaswamy Jayaraman

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