While the goal of all cause marketing is to foster a positive reputation, CauseMarketing.com tags the business purpose of a campaign as “goodwill” when there is no other, more direct goal (i.e., sales, defense, or advocacy). As an example, if a cause marketing campaign offers veterans discounts or free meals on Veterans Day, then the business goal of that campaign is sales. But if the cause marketing campaign simply thanks veterans for their service without incentivizing sampling, then the business goal of that cause marketing campaign is “goodwill”.

The Angel-Halo Effect: How Increases in Corporate Social Responsibility and Irresponsibility Relate to Firm Performance

2016/08/03 0

The study finds that CSR significantly improves profitability, management efficiency, and market valuation. On the other hand, corporate irresponsibility has a marginal effect on damaging profitability only — and no significant effect on damaging management efficiency or market valuation. When a firm acts both responsibly and irresponsibly, the study confirms the “halo-effect” because the positive impact of CSR on financial performance outweighs the negative impact of acting irresponsibly.