Halo Effect Testing

Halo Effect TestingTM is a specialized form of opinion research for optimizing the return on investment of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Using Halo Effect Testing, you can evaluate the potential improvement in corporate reputation and brand equity that would be yielded by your CSR campaign options.

Optimizing CSR Return on Investment

The CSR halo effect can shield corporate reputation in a crisis and even improve perceptions of product performance. 

Strengthen Brand Equity:  CauseMarketing.com can work with you to test multiple causes, and test multiple ways of promoting each cause, to measure their impact on consumer perception of brand attributes.

Strengthen Corporate Reputation:  Corporate Responsibility can act as a shield that could deflect reputational harm if a future publicity crisis were to occur. CauseMarketing.com can help you use Halo Effect Testing to simulate foreseeable publicity crises to check which CSR causes and campaigns offer the best reputation protection.

Learn More about Halo Effect TestingTM

To learn more about how Halo Effect Testing could help your company, you can reach Michael Organ at Organ@CauseMarketing.com.