Honda 'Project Drive-In'

2020/04/05 0

Through Project Drive-In, Japanese automaker Honda associated itself with an American icon, the drive-in movie theater, a nostalgic part of America’s car culture.

Samsung 'Memory Recaller'

2020/04/05 0

Samsung worked with Alzheimer experts and psychologists from Praram 9 Hospital to build Memory Recaller — a mobile app. The app uses a phone’s camera and facial recognition system to identify the person standing in front of the Alzheimer patient, conveying that information via headphones.

SPC #MyFamilyCan

2020/04/05 0

Australia’s largest fruit processor, SPC, created the #MyFamilyCan campaign to urge Australians to #BuyHomeGrown. The fruit processor overhauled its SPC and Ardmona brands by featuring photos of Aussie farmers on the labels of its canned fruit.

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