Emirates NBD 'Fitness Account'

2020/06/02 0

The Emirates NBD Fitness Account rewarded customers with higher interest rates in return for increased physical activity, as measured by the Emirates NBD fitness app.

MTV 'Sext Life'

2020/06/02 0

MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation created a ‘naughty’ PSA to encourage teens who sext to safe sext instead. The PSA promoted a free a condom emoji keyboard, along with the tagline: “Make foreplay a threesome: add a condom. Download the new condom emojis at SafeSext.MTV.com.”

OPSM 'Penny the Pirate'

2020/06/02 0

Eye care provider OPSM created Penny the Pirate. Available as a book and an app, Penny the Pirate is the first medical tool that helps Mom’s test their children’s vision as they read them a bedtime story. Kids are getting an eye test without even realizing it.

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