KFC 'Add Hope'

2020/06/02 0

KFC’s ‘Add Hope’ campaign collects donations in-store to fund meals for undernourished children. Consumers say that they’re more likely to buy from KFC because of Add Hope, which contributes to KFC being voted a top brand in South Africa (where the Add Hope campaign started).

KFC 'Journey of Hope'

2020/06/02 0

As part of KFC’s “Add Hope” donation-collection campaign, KFC teamed with adventurer Riaan Manser for a Journey of Hope. KFC sought to increase awareness of the crippling effect of hunger on South Africa’s children (while increasing consumer walk-in traffic to KFC’s stores).

KFC 'Wall of Hope'

2020/06/02 0

KFC created the Wall of Hope: A 1.8 meter high, 150 meter long, steel structure consisting of 5,500 empty bellied childlike figures. Donors filled the children’s bellies with coins, demonstrating how every cent of each donation went directly to providing food for a child.

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