Uncle Ben’s Beginners: Cooking Contest Promo

The Ben’s Beginners Cooking Contest is part of Uncle Ben’s CSR program to associate its rice with healthier dinner choices and more family time.


Beginning with Ben is about more than beginning your meal with rice.  It’s about showing kids a healthier way forward and teaching children not only how to cook but what to cook.

It’s about getting Moms, Dads, and children to gather around the warmth of the kitchen because that’s where it all begins: healthier meals, more diverse cuisines, and more family time.

So Ben’s Beginners is back this year to keep kids cooking.  This time, we’re giving away even more prizes. Our winner will receive $15,000 cash, $30,000 towards a cafeteria makeover at their school, and an appearance on the Rachael Ray show. 

We’re also giving a $30,000 cafeteria makeover to the three schools with the highest student participation. 

To enter, simply grab a camera and capture a special moment cooking a rice dish with your child. Then upload a video of three minutes or less to Ben’s Beginners contest page on UncleBens.com before October 6.  Once you’ve entered, share your video and vote for your favorites.

So, let’s get in the kitchen as a family and let’s get kids cooking because together we can live healthfully ever after.

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Uncle Ben’s wanted to “change the way that people think about rice.”  By asking contest participants to cook a healthy rice dish, Uncle Ben’s reinforced that “rice is a great starting ingredient for a healthy meal.”  

The Ben’s Beginner’s Cooking Contest emphasizes: “When you start a meal with (Uncle Ben’s) rice, you end up with a meal that’s better for you.” 


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