Sport Clips ‘Help a Hero’ Campaign: “Operation Uplink” Commercial

The TV commercial urges customers to visit a local Sport Clips store to make a donation to Operation Uplink. VFW’s Operation Uplink provides free calls home while soldiers are serving overseas.


[Actual letter from a U.S. service member.]

Service member:  “It was a challenging time being thousands of miles away from my family and friends during the holiday season. But the call home allowed me to feel that I was right there next to them. Care packages and cards are great. But being able to talk with my loved ones, that was the greatest gift I could have received.”

Narrator: “Help a hero call home this holiday season and throughout the year by donating to VFW’s Operation Uplink Free Call Day program. Visit any participating Sport Clips location now through November 11. Go to for a location near you.

[Be a Hero. Help a Hero.]

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