SPC #MyFamilyCan Campaign: Introduction

SPC’s #MyFamilyCan campaign urges Australians to #BuyHomeGrown. In this introductory ad, Australia’s largest fruit processor announces that its SPC and Ardmona brands will switch to labels which feature photos of Aussie farmers who grow the food.


Gary Godwill: “Food labeling is very important because Australians need to know when the product is 100% Australian grown. Support our families so that we can keep growing for yours.”


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Extended Version of the Ad: Gary Godwill’s Story

Gary Godwill: “I can’t imagine the loss of the family farm in Australia. The imported product we know doesn’t come into the country under the same scrutiny as what we are faced with when we’re trying to grow the product in Australia.

I’m fourth generation in this country. My grandfather was born here, and he pioneered this place, and then my father started growing fruit here, and I’ve carried on. My father worked until he dropped at 87 — an amazing person.

(As I sit here), my 86-year-old mother is down picking fruit, and she’s worked like that all her life. She’s a very tough woman.

We’ve often worked very long hours. Three hours of sleep is quite common this time of the year, but when you consider everything, it’s really something that we enjoy doing, and that’s why we continue in this tradition.

I didn’t initially buy all of this. It was handed to me, and it’s my obligation now to pass it on to my son, and I’d very much like to see him take over. It would be wonderful even to have my father here to see that. I think he’d be very proud.

Putting Australian families on the label gives people recognition of the actual people who are producing product. It will help Australians to understand where things are grown and where the food comes from. I think it’s a very positive step towards supporting families and supporting Australian farmers.

It’s good. I think that might go on the mantelpiece, yes.”

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