Prudential ‘Race for Retirement’ TV Ad: Pledge 1% More

Runners at the 4.01K Race for Retirement in DC pledge to save an additional 1% for their retirement.


Professor Dan Gilbert:  “Today. people are coming out to the nation’s capital to support an important cause that could change the way you live for years to come.  How can you help?  By giving a little more… to yourself.”

The Race for Retirement participants: “I’m running for my future. People sometimes forget to help themselves.”

Professor Dan Gilbert:  “The cause is retirement. And today, thousands of people came to “The Race for Retirement” and pledged to save an additional 1% of their income.  If we all do that, we can all win.”

[Take the 1% More Pledge at]

Narrator:  “Prudential. Bring your challenges.”

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For additional information, review:  The Prudential 4.01 Race for Retirement Case Study.

Race for Retirement TV Ad:  The Prudential Gates Experiment

Professor Dan Gilbert explains an experiment where 4.01K runners had the option to run through gates labeled “Yes” or gates labeled “No”.  Atop the gates were questions, such as:

  • Are you completely prepared for retirement?
  • Okay, mostly prepared?
  • Could you save 1% more of your income?
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