P&G ‘Thank You, Mom’ Ad: “Strong” (Rio 2016 Olympics)

For the Olympic Games in Rio, P&G’s 2016 “Thank you Mom” ad features supportive moms helping their children persevere through difficult circumstances on their way to becoming Olympic champions.


Scene:  Tornado

  • Future Olympic Gymnast’s Mom: “Come on. Come on.”

Scene:  Aftermath of a car crash

  • Future Olympic Volleyball Player’s Mom: “Oh sweetie, you’re okay. You’re okay.”

Scene: An elevator stops suddenly

  • Future Olympic Diver’s Mom 3: “Take a deep breath.”

Scene: Airplane turbulence

  • Future Olympic Sprinter’s Mom: “Everything is alright. It was just a little turbulence.”

Scene: Running from bullies

  • Future Olympic Sprinter’s Mom: “Leave him alone! I’ll call your mothers!”

Scene: Cat calls from street punks

  • Street punks: “Hey babe! Where you going? Where you going?”
  • The Future Olympic Volleyball Player’s Mom moves her daughter away from cat callers.

Scene: Olympic Gymnastics Competition

  • The Olympic Gymnast’s Mom calms her daughter’s nerves.

Scene: Call home, after being scolded by coach

  • Olympic Diver: “I can’t do this anymore.”
  • Olympic Diver’s Mom 6: Son, I know in my heart that you can.”

Rapid Montage of Scenes:

  • Gymnast competes. Sprinter competes. Volleyball player competes. Diver competes.
  • Gymnast wins.
  • Volleyball player wins and shares the victory with her crying Mom.
  • The winning Gymnast rushes towards her mom to embrace her.
  • The Diver wins and gestures towards his heart to thank his proud Mom.
  • The Sprinter wins and finds his mom in the audience to wrap their country’s flag around them both.

On-Screen Text: “It takes someone strong to make someone strong. Thank you, Mom.”

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Tagline: “P&G: Proud sponsor of Moms.”

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