Pantene “Dad-Do” Super Bowl Commercial

In this 2016 Super Bowl commercial, Pantene introduces “dad-dos” (like hair-dos) to show that dads can — and should — spend quality time with daughters, which increases their self-confidence and self-reliance.


Deangelo Williams, Pittsburgh Steelers: “I don’t know why they make these bows so complicated for guys.”

Deangelo Williams’ daughter: “My Dad is giving me a Dad-Do.”

Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys: “A Dad-Do comes from the heart. There’s probably not a whole lot of style.”

[Girls who spend quality time with their dads grow up to be stronger women.]

Benjamin Watson, New Orleans Saints: “Who knows, maybe there’s a post-career here. What are you giggling about?”

[Put the next generation of strong in your hands.]

Jason Witten’s daughter: “I love you Dad.”

Deangelo Williams: “When you look in the mirror, who do you see?”

Deangelo Williams’s daughter: “Me.”

Deangelo Williams: “That’s strong is beautiful.”

[Pantene. Strong is Beautiful. See more Dad-Do’s at]

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