Microsoft #MakeWhatsNext Commercial (2016)

Microsoft’s #MakeWhatsNext campaign, timed to coincide with International Women’s Day, celebrates women inventors, how they’ve changed the world, and inspires girls to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).


School girls: “My favorite subject in school is science, because you can invent all different kinds of cool things and there is no limit what you can do.”

[Can you name any inventors?]

School girls: “One inventor is Benjamin Franklin. Leonardo Da Vinci. Thomas Edison. Albert Einstein. Nicola Tesla. Alexander Bell Graham.” (sic)

[Can you name any women inventors?]

School girls: “Hmmm. No. That’s kind of a tough one. Hmmm. Ummm. Ummm  Ummm. In school, it was always a male inventor. I just realized that.”

[Not everything is “man” made. Tabitha Babbitt made the circular saw. Martha Coston made signal flares. Mary Anderson made windshield wipers. Maria Beasley made the life raft. Patricia Bath made laser cataract surgery. Sarah Mather made the underwater telescope. Maria Pereira made heart surgery adhesive. Gertrude Bell Elion made leukemia, HIV, and malaria drugs. Ada Lovelace made the first computer algorithm. Bertha Benz made brake pads. Stephanie Kwolek made bullet proof material. Patricia Billings made fire safe geobond. Yvonne Brill made satellite propulsion. Let’s celebrate all things WOMAN MADE.]

School girls:  “Oh my god, there’s so much. I didn’t even know that stuff. You’re surprised because they only talk about Einstein and Benjamin, but you never hear (about) a girl in the conversation.”

[So, Rebecca, Courtney, Rose, Sarah, Sofia, Jenny, Kalia, Giana, Misha, Alyssa, Salima, what are you going to make?]

School girls:  “To know that there were women before me, it gives me motivation that I can invent something, make maybe like a change in the world, and that would be really cool.”

[#MAKEWHATSNEXT] [Microsoft logo]

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Shorter version of Microsoft’s #MakeWhatsNext commercial:

“It’s time for more girls to #MakeWhatsNext,” writes Microsoft’s Suzanne Choney. “That’s why Microsoft is celebrating International Women’s Day by inspiring young women around the world in its #MakeWhatsNext campaign. A new video from Microsoft shows the lack of awareness girls today have about women inventors and reminds them to celebrate those women’s accomplishments and be encouraged to follow in their footsteps.”

The #MakeWhatsNext campaign is part of the Microsoft Philanthropies YouthSpark initiative, including the website:


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