Mattress Firm ‘Foster Kids’ Campaign: “Shoe Drive” Commercial

Mattress Firm supports foster kids (and attracts customers) by conducting year-round, in-store donation drives, collecting: shoes, money, clothing, pajamas, school supplies and holiday gifts.



Narrator: “For thousands of local foster children, a pair of new shoes is a small but important gift.”

Foster Kids: “My shoes have a hole in them. I can barely fit in these anymore. I hope no one will notice. They hurt my feet. I never had new shoes before.”

Narrator: “To help, Mattress Firm is collecting new shoes of all sizes. Bring your gift to any Mattress Firm and they will be given to a local foster child in need.”

Foster Kids: “Not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can be a foster child”.

[Mattress Firm Foster Kids Shoe Drive]



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Participating Mattress Firm locations conduct year-round, in-store donation drives, collecting: clothing, pajamas, shoes, school supplies and holiday gifts. A sixth drive, the Dollar Drive, collects money to help foster children join-in on extracurricular activities such as music lessons, team sports, dance lessons and summer camp.

Campaign Origin

In 2014, Mattress Firm Inc. bought The Sleep Train Inc., which originated the Foster Kids program in 2008:

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