Mattress Firm ‘Foster Kids’: “Pajama Drive” Commercial with Simone Biles

Mattress Firm is running two commercials in tandem, both featuring Simone Biles: A standard ad and a cause marketing ad promoting a pajama drive for foster kids. Pajama donations are collected inside Mattress Firm stores.


SIMONE BILES, World Champion Gymnast:

“Some of my favorite moves are: the double twist, the flip, and of course the Biles. But my favorite move is nailing a perfect landing right here between my amazing parents who adopted me.

There are 400,000 foster kids in the U.S.”


“By supporting Mattress Firm’s foster kids program, you can give them the little things that make a big difference.”

[PAJAMA DRIVE: Collecting new pajamas for foster children of all ages.]

“Come to any Mattress Firm today and donate pajamas to help a foster child in your community.”

[A Program of the Ticket to Dream Foundation]


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Tandem Ad (Not Cause Marketing)

Concurrently with the Simone Biles Pajama Drive commercial and earned media, Mattress Firm is also featuring Biles in a standard advertising campaign:  “At Mattress Firm, we’re proud to help Simone Biles sleep her best so she can be her best.”

Mattress Firm ‘Foster Kids’ Campaign — Simone Biles Launch Ad

Earlier ‘Pajama Drive’ Commercial

In 2014, Mattress Firm Inc. bought The Sleep Train Inc., which originated the Foster Kids program with the Ticket to Dream Foundation in 2008.

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