MasterCard ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ Campaign: World Series 2016

During the 2016 World Series, MasterCard continued its 7-year tradition of making an on-field, in-game presentation of a $4 million ‘debit card’ to Stand Up To Cancer. The donation represented the proceeds from MasterCard’s Priceless Conversations campaign. “One precious cent” was contributed for using a MasterCard to pay for a qualifying meal over $10 between July 7 to August 19, 2016.


MLB 2016 World Series, Game 4

Joe Buck: “Tonight, we once again join our partner, Stand Up to Cancer, in reaffirming a commitment to the fight against cancer. Since 2008 Major League Baseball, its fans, players, and coaches have delivered a powerful, determined message that we together will defeat cancer. Because of your support, Stand Up to Cancer scientists are making real progress in real time. Please join Major League Baseball, MasterCard, Fox, and the entire baseball family as we stand united and steadfast against cancer. Visit to find out how you can help today.

(Music plays while the camera shows players, umpires and fans holding ‘I Stand Up For’ signs.)

We’ll take a break, and when we come back it’s the sixth inning of game four. Indians will bat leading by two.”

MasterCard Commercial

Bone Marrow Donor: “When I was four, I gave Caroline my bone marrow to save her life, and now she’s thirteen years in remission.”

[Who do you #StandUp4?]

Narrator: “In the fight against cancer no one should stand alone. MasterCard thanks everyone across America who helped raise $4 million for Stand Up to Cancer, simply by dining out and using their MasterCard.”

Cancer Survivor: “I had cancer when I was sixteen before my father got cancer, so it was like looking into a mirror. I stand up for my Dad.”

Bone Marrow Donor: “We’re both happy and healthy, really grateful for everything that’s happened to us. She’s my miracle.”

Narrator: “Because standing up for friends and family is priceless.”

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MLB 2016 World Series, Game 4

Joe Buck: “Earlier this evening, to help recognize the culmination of its Priceless Causes Campaign, MasterCard presented a generous $4,250,000 donation raised through its Priceless Causes Campaign for Stand Up to Cancer by its co-founders. MasterCard would like to thank all of its card holders across the United States and Canada who helped raise millions of dollars simply by dining out with their MasterCard, and getting together for a priceless cause.”

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