Major League Baseball Stands Up to Cancer (October 24, 2014)

MLB players, vendors, fans, and an umpire honor the people in their lives affected by cancer as they hold “I Stand Up for” signs. The native ad announces that Stand Up For Cancer will be featured at the upcoming World Series Game on October 24, 2014.


MLB players:  “I stand up for my Dad. I stand up for my Mom who is the strongest person I know. I stand up to change the odds.

MLB umpire:  “I stand up for survivors, like me.”

MLB player:  “I stand up to change the odds.

MLB ballboy: “I stand up for Granny. She was a friend and a role model.”

MLB players:  “I stand up for Marshal Smith, one of my good friends. I stand up for my grandmother: Anna Brown. I stand up for Ellie.  I stand up for Susana, Carlos, and Julio. I stand up for those who stood up for me.

MLB fans: “We stand up for Nancy.”

MLB vendor: “I stand up for my friends.”

MLB team mascots: “For the kids.”

MLB vendor: “For my baby sister.”

MLB player: “And all of baseball stands up for Tony Gwynn.”

Narrator: “No matter who we are, or what we do, we are all touched by cancer.”

MLB players and umpire: “I, I, I, I stand up to cancer.”

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Founding Donor

Major League Baseball became the founding donor of Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) in 2008.  The 2009 All-Star Game in Philadelphia began the tradition of pausing to honor those affected by cancer with Stand Up to Cancer signs.  The tradition has continued at every All-Star Game and World Series since.

MLB Tribute at the 2016 Stand Up to Cancer Telethon

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