KFC ‘Add Hope’ Campaign: “Thank You” (2015)

KFC launched this Add Hope video to coincide with 2015’s World Hunger Month. The video reviews progress (meals for 100,000 children every day), thanks customers, and then pivots to asking for additional in-store donations.


Have you ever wondered where your 2 rand goes? And how much hope you add? And what this hope means?

Children at-risk of hunger: “I hope my mother have the biggest house. My mother have a big house and have a car. Hope is like seeing a rainbow. A rainbow looks like this. Hope means giving others food. Giving someone food. Help others! Hope is food and houses. I think that hope means that… you have enough trust.”

Add Hope provides meals for 100,000 children every day and we thank you for your support.

Remember that you can add hope in-store 365 days of the year.

Add Hope. www.addhope.co.za #AddHope

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The “Thank You” video is part of a multi-year cause marketing campaign: Add Hope.

The “Thank You” video accompanied the Add Hope campaign’s first-ever television commercial: Story of Hope.

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