IHOP ‘Veterans Day’ CSR: “Red, White, and Blue Pancakes”

On Veterans Day, many restaurants offer free meals to veterans and active duty members. But IHOP stands out with its patriotic and visually interesting Red, White and Blue pancakes. Windy City Live served these Red, White and Blue pancakes to on-stage military members while promoting the IHOP Veterans Day offer.


Ryan Chiaverini: “Today in the studio, we have some of our vets that are enjoying a nice meal thanks to IHOP. Tell us a little bit more about this, Sergeant, what’s going on?”

Sergeant: “From now until 7:00 PM tonight, IHOP is giving away free red, white and blue pancakes to all service men and women who show a valid military ID.”

Ryan Chiaverini: “Notice that we didn’t let them eat right away, we were like okay, go, you can dig in there.”

Val Warner: “And they are now. They look hungry.”

Ryan Chiaverini: “Yes, and we see that there is always one chair left open at the table.”

Sergeant: “That is correct. Traditionally, we keep one table open to represent the service men and women who went MIA, Missing in Action or Prisoners of War that can’t join us today.”

Val Warner: “Remember, IHOP is saluting and thanking military personnel until 7:00 PM tonight with free red, white and blue pancakes.”

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