IHOP ‘Toys for Tots’ Native Advertising

ABC7 Chicago’s Holiday Toy Drive is “presented by IHOP” in these Windy City Live and Eyewitness News segments. IHOP is featured as the drop-off location for toy donations to Toys for Tots. Offer: Receive a $5 IHOP certificate for each new toy donation.


Windy City Live

Ryan Chiaverini: All right, it’s that time of year. The ABC7 Holiday Toy Drive presented by IHOP has begun. It’s all to benefit Toys for Tots. Welcome Sergeant Cesar Rodarte.

Val Warner: Hi, Cesar!

Ryan Chiaverini: In honor of Veterans Day, thank you so much for your service, sir.

Sgt. Rodarte: Thank you very much.

Val Warner: Thank you.

Ryan Chiaverini: I know the Marine Corps has had a long, storied tradition and history with Toys for Tots. Tell us about it.

Sgt. Rodarte: That is correct. We’ve been doing this since 1947 and it is important for us to help the less fortunate children and their families experience the joy of the holiday seasons.

Val Warner: What are the toys most needed?

Sgt. Rodarte: We need new and unwrapped toys, preferably some trucks, some dolls, puzzles. Anything a kid can play with and enjoy.

Val Warner: Key words: New and unwrapped.

Ryan Chiaverini: Absolutely. Make sure that you go to IHOP and look for this handsome duo and beautiful duo because a lot of IHOPs in the area are going to be participating in this and you’re going to get a $5 gift certificate with your donation that you can use in January. There’s a lot of participation going on.

Sgt. Rodarte: Yes, there is over 40 IHOP locations in the Chicago-land and northwest Indiana area, as well as in Rockford and Milwaukee.

Val Warner: Wow. New this year, there is the Stuff the Truck event?

Sgt. Rodarte: That is correct. It’s taking place on November 22nd at the Evanston IHOP location.

Val Warner: Okay.

Sgt. Rodarte: We will be there from 4:30am to 7:00am and we’ll be there receiving new and unwrapped toys. We are hoping to get a big turnaround and hopefully we can get a truck full.

Val Warner: Stuff that truck, huh!

Ryan Chiaverini: Absolutely. Tracy Butler will be there as well-

Eyewitness News Sunday Morning

Anchor: We hope you think of the less fortunate this holiday season by dropping of a new, unwrapped toy at IHOP before December 11th. They’re going to Toys for Tots and our very own Tracy Butler will be live Tuesday morning for a Stuff the Truck event. This is happening at the Evanston IHOP. You can drop off toys as Marines collect them, and they’ll make sure that they get to children in our community.

Eyewitness News at 6am

ABC7: Live from Chicago, ABC7 Eyewitness News at 6 continues.

Tracy Butler: A very good morning to you. Once again, we are live here at IHOP in Evanston and it is our Toys for Tots Toy Drive to benefit children right here in our very own community.

Windy City Live

Val Warner: Together we can make a child’s holiday wish come true.

Ryan Chiaverini: Join us for the ABC7 Holiday Toy Drive presented by IHOP.

Val Warner: Visit any Chicago area IHOP location and fill the donation bin with new, unwrapped toys.

ABC7: For more information, visit WindyCityLive.com.

IHOP Commercial

The holiday menu from IHOP is back. Time for eggnog pancakes and dark chocolate peppermint pancakes. But it won’t be around for long. Thankfully, neither will those sweaters. IHOP: Eat up every moment.

Windy City Live

Ryan Chiaverini: Well, this morning, we were up bright and early. We were at the IHOP in Evanston. It’s the ABC7 Holiday Toy Drive presented by IHOP. It’s our Stuff the Truck event, and Marines were there all morning collecting new and unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots. Such a great organization they’ve been a part of for a very long time, and we got to make some pancakes, we got to feed some Marines, and raised more than 500 toys just this morning alone.

Val Warner: Yes! And just to say that you run out of time and you don’t get there on Black Friday, which is a great day to go because you’ll get a coupon for dropping off your toy, you have until December 11th to make sure you get all your new, unwrapped toys in for the donation.

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