Duracell Quantum Campaign: #MyQuantumHero Commercial

Duracell donates one million Quantum batteries — which demonstrates the reliability of the new Duracell Quantum battery as the choice of crisis first responders.


Nobody knows where or when the next powerful storm is going to hit.  But it will.

That’s why there is a new Duracell battery. Introducing Duracell Quantum. It’s high density core is a quantum leap in battery power. 

The next storm is out there. But so are the heroes. So we are giving a million Duracell Quantum to first responders everywhere.

Power in the hands of the most powerful.  

Duracell. Trusted everywhere.


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Tim McGraw hosted a series of video vignettes showcasing rescues by first responders. In each video:

  • First responders are shown using battery-powered devices.
  • Tim McGraw mentions: “This year, Duracell is giving away one million of its new Quantum batteries to first responders across the country. So, we are sharing these stories with you: Stories of Quantum Heroes.”

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