Duracell ‘Power Those Who Protect Us’ Commercial

In partnership with the National Volunteer Fire Council, Duracell positions the purchase of its batteries as a way to support local, volunteer firefighters.


If you think heroes are only in movies, consider this: Over 70% of firefighters are local volunteers. These are our neighbors putting their lives on the line.

And when they rely on a battery, there are firefighters everywhere who trust Duracell.

Now you can join with Duracell to help. Just buy specially-marked packs and Duracell will make a battery donation to local volunteers.

These days, don’t we all need something to trust?

Duracell: Trusted everywhere.

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Duracell’s Integrated Branding

Rather than just its logo, Duracell included its whole product in the branding of the cause marketing campaign:

Duracell Volunteer Firefighter logo

Duracell’s ‘You Buy. We Give.’ Packaging

Duracell Power Those Who Protect Us

Duracell buy 10 give 1

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