Disney Store ‘Toys for Tots’ Native Advertising

Windy City Live hosts Ryan Chiaverini and Val Warner joyfully shop at the Disney Store, buying $5,000 worth of toys that will be donated to Toys for Tots. Later, ABC7 Chicago’s meteorologist Tracy Butler presents an oversized $5,000 check from Disney Citizenship to grateful Marines, received on behalf of Toys for Tots. (The $5,000 check represents the value of the donated toys.)


Val Warner:  “We made our own contribution to help Stuff the Truck, with some Disney magic. Here we are at the Disney Store on Michigan Avenue.”

Ryan Chiaverini:  “We’re going to go get some toys to help Stuff the Truck for the ABC7 holiday toy drive.”

Val Warner:  “All right, let’s go…”

Ryan Chiaverini:  “Well, this is part of Disney’s Share the Joy, and we’ve got $5,000 worth of toys.”

Val Warner:  “It’s not too late for you to help out too. Make sure you stop by a participating IHOP and drop off a new, unwrapped, toy. Yeah.

Ryan Chiaverini:  “Season of giving.”

Val Warner:  “You know what? It’s so much fun to shop for other people. I always tell people, it’s better to give than to receive. It’s not just a cliche, it’s true.”

Ryan Chiaverini:  “It’s really fun to shop with Val, because we stopped at $5,000, but we would have been at about $500,000 the way we were filling those bags fast.”

Val Warner:  “Easily. Easily. I mean, my kids are over the Disney Store, but I had so much fun still, shopping for other kids who really love that, and get into the costumes, and the shoes, and the wands, and this, that, and the other. Sweet.”

Ryan Chiaverini:  “Yes. All the princess dresses you were pulling down.”

Val Warner:  “Oh yeah, I love it.”

Ryan Chiaverini:  “It’s going to be great.”

Val Warner:  “I  know. I was telling Ryan, I was like, “Oh, look at this dress. Look at this dress. I just need another little girl.” All right, well, all of the information you need to know is on WindCityLive.com.”

Announcer:  “Live from Chicago, ABC7 Eyewitness News at Six, continues.”

Tracy Butler:  “Well, we’ve been keeping these guys busy here. The men, and women, of the US Marines have been with us this morning, but the special announcement I was talking about. How about this? This is from the Disney Share the Joy effort. With this check of $5,000, Val and Ryan from Windy City Live, went shopping just the other day, at the Disney store, and purchased all kinds of toys to benefit the Toys for Tots Holiday Food drive that we here at ABC7 are so proud to be a part of. I wanted to just present this check, and all of these toys that were purchased, to our US Marines who are with us this morning, and Staff Sergeant Johnny Garcia. Good morning.”

Staff Sergeant Garcia:  “Good morning.”

Speaker 4:  “$5,000, that can buy a few toys, right?”

Staff Sergeant Garcia:  “Yeah. That could buy a lot of toys. Thank you so much.”

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