Dick’s #SportsMatter Campaign: “Basketball and Baseball” Commercial

With the goal of saving youth sports programs, Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation shows how high school basketball and baseball coaches act as mentors to build the character of their players.


[The Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation presents]

Funeral Officiant: “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank everyone for coming and sharing this time with the family here this afternoon.” 

Baseball Coach: “Stay strong. I’ll see you at the field.”

Teacher: “Matt, last time.”

Basketball Coach:  “Come on Matt, knock it off. That’s it. Everyone on the sideline.” 

Baseball Coach:  “Who loves you?”

Baseball Team: “You coach.”

Baseball Coach:  “There’s no secrets in here. You’re going to have issues with your brother. You’ve got to deal with it. How do we deal with it?”

Baseball Team: “Together.”

Baseball Coach:  “Let’s go get ’em. Let’s go!”

Baseball Coach:  “Want to finish? Go finish for him. Go finish for your grandfather, alright?”

[Sports Matter. Join our cause help save youth youth sports.]


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