Dawn ‘Wildlife’ Campaign: “Home” Commercial

P&G uses ‘Save Wildlife’ cause marketing to demonstrate Dawn Dish Soap’s product benefits (i.e., effective on oil grease yet gentle on hands — and bird feathers).


These birds, once affected by oil, are heading back home thanks to Dawn.

[The only brand trusted by International Bird Rescue.]

Rescue workers only trust Dawn because it’s tough on grease yet gentle.

[Dawn Helps Save Wildlife]


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Dawn Saves Wildlife – Related Commercials

Notice how these commercials authentically convey Dawn’s commitment to saving wildlife while also demonstrating key product benefits:

Dawn’s Dual-Messaging Approach

Dawn Dish Soap runs its cause marketing commercials in tandem with value-related advertising. (Dawn’s value advertising demonstrates that its ultra concentrated formula “has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of a bargain brand”.)

For instance, the following ad ran concurrently with “Home”:

‘Dawn Saves Wildlife’ Case Study

A broader review of Dawn’s cause marketing is described in the Dawn Saves Wildlife Case Study.

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