Dawn ‘Wildlife’ Campaign: “1 Bottle = $1 Donation” Commercial

For each bottle of Dawn sold, P&G donated $1 (up to $500,000) split equally between International Bird Rescue Research Center and Marine Mammal Center. To activate that $1 donation, Dawn purchasers needed to enter a code (found on specially-marked bottles) at the DawnSavesWildlife.com microsite.


[Thousands of animals caught in oil spills have been saved using Dawn.]

Joe Purdy, singing: “I got troubles Lord, but not today. Cause they’re going to wash away. They’re going to wash away.”

[Now, your purchase can help. 1 bottle = $1* to save wildlife.]

Joe Purdy, singing: “They’re going to wash away. So, I’m gonna take them away.”

[* Up to $500,000. Must visit DawnSavesWildlife.com to activate donation.]

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15-Second Version of the Commercial

‘Dawn Saves Wildlife’ Microsite – Donation Activation Procedure

Dawn Microsite 1 bottle equals 1 dollar donation

Dawn Microsite donation activation

Dawn Save Wildlife ‘Coupon’

Notice the clever visual pun of using $1 coupon imagery to save, not money, but wildlife:

Dawn Save Wildlife coupon

Dawn Save Wildlife coupon - duck

‘Dawn Saves Wildlife’ Case Study

After the $500,000 was collected, the emphasis of Dawn’s cause marketing shifted to focusing on Dawn’s product benefits: effective on oil grease yet gentle on hands (and bird feathers), as described in the Dawn Saves Wildlife Case Study.

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