Coldwell Banker ‘Adopt a Pet’ Native Advertising

The Open House real estate show includes an interview with Coldwell Banker’s Chief Marketing Officer Sean Blankenship. He explains the cause marketing tie-in: A dog is “a home’s best friend… We’ve historically focused on finding homes for people… Well, why can’t we find homes for dogs?”


Open House, NECN

Sara Gore: “There’s no place like home, especially when you have a pet. A pet is truly home’s best friend. Now this year that sentiment was part of a mission for our partners Coldwell Banker. For over a hundred years, they have helped people find homes, and through Coldwell Banker’s Home for Dogs Project, they’ve already surpassed their goal, securing homes for more than 20,000 pets. We caught up with the man who spearheaded this heartwarming initiative.”

Sean Blankenship, Chief Marketing Officer, Coldwell Banker: “Last year’s campaign was Home Sweet Home, which was the joy of coming home. This year, we wanted to celebrate what was waiting for us which is man’s best friend, home’s best friend.”

Sara Gore: “While filming their Home’s Best Friend commercial, Coldwell Banker was inspired to partner with, and start the Home for Dogs Project.”

Sean Blankenship: “We’ve always historically focused on obviously finding homes for people, right, and when we started thinking about it, Well, why can’t we find homes for dogs?”

Sara Gore: “The campaign aimed at finding homes for 20,000 dogs sparked a movement and galvanized Coldwell Banker brokers to take action.”

Sean Blankenship: “A home is really not a home until you have a pet or a dog, and our brokers just gravitated towards that. They really related to that. They all don’t have dogs, but they understood the meaning of that and they really got around it and started having their own events on the weekends. We had National Adopt-a-Pet weekend, and we had brokers that were adopting 20, 30 dogs and it just built up this momentum and it turned into this really fantastic campaign.”

Moira Connolly, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage: “The fact that Coldwell Banker’s an advocate for pet adoption makes me very proud to work for them.”

Sara Gore: “The initiative had an unexpected effect on Sean’s own family.”

Dawn Blankenship: “Shortly after the campaign started, Sean thought, “How can I go out and promote this if I’m not getting a dog as well?” We brought Chuy home.”

Sara Gore: “One word sums up this special bond between them.”

Dawn Blankenship: “Joy. He’s joyful, he’s great.”

Sara Gore: “Adopting a pet not only makes your home happier, but your heart fuller, and there’s still plenty of opportunities for you to get involved.”

Sean Blankenship: “We’re extremely proud of (reaching) 20,000 (dog adoptions) in September and based on that, we’re going to extend the campaign not just through this year, but to the first half of 2016.”

Sara Gore: “Congrats to the entire Coldwell Banker team and for reaching their goal, If you want to get involved, just visit to learn more.”

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