Clorox Green Works #NaturalPotential CSR: “Girls in Science” Commercial

Green Works Founding Scientist Maria Ochomogo is shown mentoring her granddaughter Abigail, captioned as a ‘future scientist’. Green Works #NaturalPotential CSR campaign encourages girls to pursue a career in science.


Narrator: “Girls only have a 1 in 1,000 chance of a career in science. Maybe that’s why they don’t picture themselves as scientists. When a group of girls were asked to draw pictures of scientists, almost all of them drew men. But, why he and not she?”

Female Students:

  • “Because a lot of people talk about boy scientists.”
  • “I’m flipping through pages in my science book and I’m not seeing (many) girl scientists.”
  • “I wasn’t really thinking of a girl at that moment.”
  • “Because some people think that women shouldn’t be scientists, so it makes it harder for them to be one.”

Narrator: “Girls need more female mentors. With a female mentor, we are more likely to stay in the sciences, which is pretty important because female scientists create powerful things.”

[Green Works Founding Scientist Maria Ochomogo is shown mentoring her granddaughter Abigail, captioned as a ‘future scientist’.]

Narrator: “When you nurture natural potential, powerful things happen.”

[Green Works: Supporting Girls in Science. #NaturalPotential]

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Green Works Naturally InspiredGreen Works works with the American Association of University Women to help provide girls with opportunities to explore their scientific curiosity and connect with female role models.

Green Works also encourages parents to mentor their daughters, with science experiments like these:

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