Aqua Carpatica ‘Purity Test’ Campaign: “The Snail” Commercial

“The Snail” is one of a series of three ads that were part of Aqua Carpatica’s Water Purity Test campaign.  Like the other two ads — “The Duck” and “The Bridge” — Aqua Carpatica sneaked the word nitrates into familiar Romanian children’s songs about water. Shock value was achieved by juxtaposing the innocence of a child’s play with the existence of an invisible threat: nitrates.

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Boy: “Snail, snail, without a tail. Put out oxen horns. And go to the pond. And drink NITRATE water. And hop onto a log.”

[Without you even knowing, nitrates are part of your kid’s life. AQUA Carpatica: Lowest nitrate content in Romania.]

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