Amazon Prime Diversity Commercial: “A Priest and Imam Meet for Tea”

In response to anti-Muslim rhetoric, Amazon advocates for religious tolerance (and even friendship) with this warm portrait of two old friends. Though the Priest and Imam practice different faiths, Amazon focuses on their common challenges and shared empathy.


The Imam rings the doorbell. The Priest welcomes him inside his home. They embrace, like old friends. As the Imam and Priest approach the chair and couch in the living room, each elder man strains to sit, gesturing towards painful knees.

The Priest and Imam are seen (but not heard) sharing tea and stories. When done, they strain while lifting themselves up from sitting, laughing in the shared acknowledgement of the challenges of aging.

Afterwards, the Priest and Imam each use the Amazon Prime app to order a knee brace for the other man. They are then seen separately receiving Amazon Prime packages delivered by a uniformed Amazon delivery person.

Some time later, the Priest puts on a knee brace as he enters his church to kneel and pray.  Similarly, the Imam at his mosque puts on a knee brace to more comfortably engage in prayer.

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Key excerpts from reporters:

  • “Tons of people this holiday season are praising the new Amazon Prime commercial and it actually could bring a tear to your eye.”
  • “Many people are applauding the commercial for showing that we can put aside our differences. It’s wonderful… this (ad) really does speak to what’s going on, maybe in our country, maybe how some people are feeling these days and it’s just beautiful.”
  • “The power of just opening your heart to somebody else, that’s a wonderful thing. You know what, how can you not support the company after this? It really pulls at you.”
  • “A common theme emerging this holiday season, I think corporate responsibility. More and more companies are sharing a message of tolerance… Brilliant marketing.”
  • “I love it, and they also serve their own purpose because if you watch the commercials they buy things from either Amazon or Apple, the guy orders things online.”
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