Tide ‘Loads of Hope’ Case Study

Tide Loads of Hope is a disaster relief program. Tide provides a free laundry service for victims in need. After a major hurricane, flood, or wildfire, Tide brings in its signature Loads of Hope truck — which is a free laundromat on wheels.


Tide Spokesman: “Tide Loads of Hope is a disaster relief program. We go in after a hurricane, or flood, or wildfire and we do something pretty simple. We provide a free laundry service for the victims in need. That can mean we’ll send in free Tide product for people to use. It can be working with local laundromats and it usually means bringing in our signature truck which is a free laundromat on wheels.”

Tide Spokeswoman: “People think of the food, they think of housing, but no one thinks how are you going to wash your clothes.”

Tide Spokesman: “It is a small thing but it gives people a way to start rebuilding their lives.”

Disaster victim: “Thanks y’all. I really appreciate it.”

Tide Spokeswoman: “The Tide Loads of Hope vehicle has 32 high efficiency washers and dryers. On a daily basis we can do 300 loads and that’s what an average family can do in a year.”

Disaster victims: “This is just like a miracle. I couldn’t have prayed for more than this because I really, really, really need it. It means a lot that they’re thinking about the community because a lot of products, you know, don’t do what they’re doing. It’s the greatest thing in the world for us right now. The little things that, you know, that make the big differences.  We’ve been tearing out carpets and just trying to get things moved out of the house so we can get them into storage and it means a lot to be able to have clean clothes.  With all the bad that goes on in our world, to see this happen gives you a new hope. Gives new hope and that’s nice.”

Tide Spokesman: “The Loads of Hope program is something that we can take everywhere and Tide is committed to continue to do this and help more people. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a tiny job in the bucket but we’re happy to be a part of this little drop in the bucket.”

[Number of Cities Helped: 31]
[Number of Miles Driven: 40,025]
[Number of Loads Washed: 35,717]
[Number of Families Helped: 27,128]

Tide Spokesman: “You can help by purchasing a Tide Vintage Tee at www.TideLoadsOfHope.com
[* For each tee purchased, a minimum contribution of $4 is made to Loads of Hope]

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