Pantene ‘Strong is Beautiful’ Campaign: “Dad-Do” Case Study

Pantene invents “dad-dos” (like hair-dos) to show that even macho dads can — and should — spend quality time with their daughters, which helps girls be more self-confident, more self-reliant, and more successful.


<Media commentary and impact statistics are interweaved with excepts of the commercial.>

Vogue: “2016’s most adorable Super Bowl ad”

ABC’s Good Morning America:  “Pantene points to research that shows quality time spent with dads is key in raising daughters who are more self-confident, self-reliant, and more successful in school.”

North American Journal of Psychology: “Girls who spend quality time with their dads grow up to be stronger women.”

ABC’s Good Morning America:  “Pantene just released some commercials starring football players trying to do their daughter’s hair.”

[Pantene create a new way for dads to spend time with their daughters: Dad hair-dos… Dad-dos.]

Fox News’ The Kelly File:  “When you see an ad like that, it’s a winner.”

NBC’s Today Show:  “Oh, how cute. How adorable. That’s so sweet.”

ABC’s Good Morning America:  “I’m buying that shampoo.”

The New York Times:  “An act that helps foster confidence and strength in girls.”

Rolling Stone: “Credit to Pantene for going above and beyond.”

ESPN:  “Dads tackle braids and buns.”

People:  “This will make you tear up at your desk.”

[Over 45 million views of how-to videos.]

[250 million #DadDo social media impressions]

[Over 1.68 billion media impressions and one phone call…]

Michelle Obama:  “I love the campaign. Strong is beautiful.”

[Dad-Do Style Kits.  Dad-Do Pop-Up Salons]

[After just 2 days, #DadDo out-trumped #Trump on Facebook.  But the most important result: Millions of hours of dads & daughters together.]

Fox News’ The Kelly File:  “How great is that. I have chills. I have chills. Pantene gave me chills.”

[Strong is Beautiful]

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Pantene’s integrated cause marketing campaign included dad-do style kits and a series of how to videos, like this one featuring DeAngelo Williams and his daughter Rhiya:

Earned Media and Social Media Impact

All Super Bowl ads yield traditional-media mentions and social media conversation. But #DadDo was exceptionally viral, trending organically on Facebook for 48 hours after launch. The Pantene Super Bowl commercial and YouTube how to series inspired 250 million #DadDo social media impressions and 1.68 billion media impressions.

Here’s an example of Pantene’s positive earned media, as featured on ABC’s Good Morning America:

Pantene ‘Strong is Beautiful’ Follow-up Ad

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