Lifebuoy ‘Roti Reminder’ Case Study

Lifebuoy believes that deaths from diarrhea can be averted by the simple act of hand washing with soap. So at the world’s largest religious festival, Lifebuoy reminded attendees to wash their hands before they eat by hand stamping 2.5 million chapattis (rotis) with the message: “Did you wash your hands with Lifebuoy?”


Diarrhea still kills 1.1 million children annually in developing countries. Lifebuoy believes this can be averted by the simple act of hand washing with soap.

The Maha Kumbh Mela India, 2013, the largest religious festival on the planet. Over 100 million people come here. To pray together. Live together. And eat together.

Lifebuoy Soap saw this as the perfect opportunity to convey an important message: Always wash your hands with soap before you eat. Our medium? The roti (or Indian bread) served with almost every Indian meal. The only way to eat it is with your hands.

We created a heat stamp capable of leaving a simple message on a roti: Did you wash your hands with Lifebuoy?  And over 30 days a team of 100 people stood in 100 kitchens stamping over 2.5 million fresh rotis. Helping us to reach out to over 5 million visitors at the Maha Kumbh Mela.

So, will people remember to wash their hands before their next meal? Let’s pray they do.

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