Huggies ‘Every Little Bottom’ Case Study

Huggies branded a symptom of poverty as Diaper Need — and then offered several solutions, including enrollment in the Huggies loyalty program.


Narrator:  “For those in need, not having enough diapers creates enormous suffering for babies and their families. When Huggies wanted to help, they came to us. We knew it was Huggies’ opportunity to help change lives by leading the way to a sustainable solution through CSR, Every Little Bottom was born. We convened the first National Diaper Summit.”

Caroline Kunitz, L.A. Diaper Drive:  “Some Moms, low-income moms, had to decide between buying diapers and buying food.”

Narrator:  “We coined the term Diaper Need, and conducted groundbreaking research. In June, the results were released through earned and social media.”

[Diaper Need: The struggle to provide babies with an essential need – diapers.]

News Anchor:  “The Junior League of Saginaw Valley is teaming up with Huggies to help diaper every little bottom.”

Narrator:  “To share the devastating impact of diaper need, we created a website. We also engaged seven blog ambassadors, who reached over six million followers, creating a ground swell of diaper donations. Nonprofits helped rally grassroots support through diaper drives. Employees, customers, and consumers all joined the cause.
We created Amazon diaper wishlists, online tools. We made it possible to turn loyalty points into diapers. In October, we introduced celebrity mom Ellen Pompeo as campaign ambassador on a leading US talk show.”

Ellen Pompeo:  “What Huggies is doing is kicking off this campaign with this show, Every Little Bottom. For every package of Huggies diapers that you buy, there are specially marked boxes, Huggies will diaper a baby.”

Narrator:  “Every Little Bottom was becoming widely known through retail, earned media, social media, and paid advertising. Through January, over 107 million media impressions were generated. We had over 145,000 website hits. In just over nine months, 26 million diapers were donated, and we’re just beginning. Every Little Bottom, changing lives one diaper at a time.”

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Huggies Coined the Term: Diaper Need

Huggies branded a problem, Diaper Need, and then offered a set of solutions for it. Among those solutions: Buying Huggies diapers and joining its rewards program to use loyalty points for donating diapers.  

Huggies Commissioned Research to Substantiate Diaper Need

The Huggies Every Little Bottom Study was conducted via 20-minute telephone surveys with 2,521 respondents, overseen by respected researchers credentialed as “leading academics in the field of child development, maternal mood and economic standing.”  The lead authors were:

  • Dr. Cybele Raver, a Professor at New York University and Director of the Institute of Human Development and Social Change
  • Dr. Nicole Letourneau, a full professor and research chair in healthy child development at the University of New Brunswick

Findings from the study were summarized into thought-provoking soundbites and compelling infographics:

Diaper Need

What is Diaper Need?

#DiaperNEED Awareness Week

After naming the poverty syndrome as Diaper Need, Huggies successfully encouraged 14 states to issue official proclamations in support of an event called Diaper Need Awareness Week.

DiaperNEED Awareness Week

Huggies sponsored Mommy Bloggers to promote Diaper Need Awareness Week. In their posts, Mommy Bloggers mentioned that Huggies would donate diapers to babies in need for every tweet or re-tweet using the hashtag #DiaperNeed.

Donating Huggies Rewards Points

You engage. We’ll give:  The Huggies loyalty program gives new moms an opportunity to give back by allocating their rewards to moms and babies in need.  “For every 30 points you contribute, HUGGIES Brand will donate one diaper to their community partner, National Diaper Bank Network.” 

Huggies Rewards Program

Huggies Diaper Donations

National Diaper Bank Network

Huggies is the founding sponsor of its own community partner:  The National Diaper Bank Network, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. 

National Diaper Bank Network

Retailer Relationships

Huggies deepened personal and professional relationships with its retailers via partnerships to donate to the National Diaper Bank Network.

Huggies Meijer Every Little Bottom

Huggies Partnership with American Greetings

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