Emirates NBD ‘Fitness Account’ Case Study

Emirates NBD sought to increase deposits while addressing the UAE’s obesity problem. The Emirates NBD Fitness Account rewarded savings-account customers with higher interest rates in return for increased physical activity, as measured by the Emirates NBD fitness app on mobile devices.

EFMA/Accenture: “An idea whose time has come! Value-based behavior incentives were the one missing piece from wearable device models.”
The UAE has a problem of physical obesity.
  • Gulf Business: “Over 60% of UAE residents are overweight or obese.” Gulf News: “Obesity rates in the UAE are increasing.”
  • Intelligent Health: “Lack of an active lifestyle is a price cause of obesity in the UAE.”
The UAE also has a problem of financial obesity.
  • TheNational: “UAE residents sucked into a cycle of debt.”
  • Gulf News: “UAE residents lament falling into debt traps.”
  • Emirates 24/7: “The primary cause of debt is lack of savings.”
So, when Emirates NBD, the leading bank in the UAE, wanted to increase its deposits, we created a first-of-its-kind mobile banking platform that could help people get physically and financial fit. Emirates NBD Fitness Account:  The region’s first-ever fitness-based savings account that rewards people with higher savings for every move they make, through gamification and mobile devices.
  • Step 1: Open a fitness account with Emirates NBD’s mobile app.
  • Step 2: Sync the app to compatible mobile devices.
  • Step 3: Set daily goals in number of steps.
  • Step 4: Get moving and earn up to 2% interest everyday.
  • Step 5: The more you move, the more you earn: 0 steps/day – 0.2%; 5,000 steps/day = 1%; 12,000 steps/day = 2%.
  • Step 6: Follow your progress daily.
An integrated campaign made it famous across UAE. Strategic partnerships with fitness brands drove usage.
  • $230,000 earned media.
  • 99% positive sentiments.
  • Earned Media:
    • Gulf News: “A new phase in digital banking as it effectively combines customers’ health and lifestyle goals with their banking needs.”
    • T3: “Turn health into wealth with Emirates NBD.”
    • Gulf Marketing Review: “Emirates NBD wants you to be fit and healthy.”
    • Efma: “Winner of Efma’s Innovation Award.”
  • In just 1 month, 53 million steps and counting; and AED 16.07 million saved and counting.
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According to the bank:  “All you need to do is open the Fitness Account using the Emirates NBD Mobile Banking App and download the Emirates NBD Fitness App from the App store. Set up a daily goal and track progress on the Fitness App. Once you achieve your goal of number of steps for the day, you are eligible to transfer funds into your Fitness Account. Interest on your account balances are calculated every day based on the number of steps taken for that day. You can either walk or run to clock these steps. What’s more, you can earn attractive interest rates of up to 2.00% on your balances in the Fitness Account!”

Emirates NBD Fitness Account Mobile App

Emirates NBD Fitness App

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