Castrol ‘Vuvuliser’ Case Study

In South Africa, Castrol Magnatec created Vuvuliser: the first vuvuzela horn that’s also a breathalyzer, to reduce road fatalities on the days of big soccer games.  Vuvuliser cause marketing embodies Castrol Magnatec’s brand: protecting engines and protecting drivers.


[South Africans love soccer. But big game days are also big drinking days. As a result, thousands of fans drink and drive every match day. Over 4.500 people die on South African roads each year. The number one cause is drinking and driving.]

Kenny Africa, Western Cape Traffic Chief: “South Africa has more drunk driving related fatalities than anywhere else in the world.”

Jeffrey Kaimowitz: “You’re playing with, not your own life, but you’re playing with other people’s lives. Our late daughter Ashley, at the tender age of 19 years young, was killed by a drunk driver.”

Hasina Gori, Hillbrow Johannesburg, SABC News: “Reducing road fatalities and collisions will take more than road blocks.”

[Castrol protects engines. But can we go a step further and protect drivers too? Castrol Magnatec presents Vuvuliser. The first vuvuzela that’s also a breathalyzer.]

Castrol Industrial Design Team: “We created the first vuvuzela that’s also a breathalyzer. We’re inspired by the original Castrol packaging: chamfered edges, the organic lines, and we amalgamated all into one design, which is the Vuvuliser. The first thing you do is put it to your mouth. Then, press the button. And then you blow.” [Green is safe to drive. Red is over the limit.]

Kenny Africa, Traffic Chief: “The Castrol Magnatec safety initiative — the Vuvuliser — will make our jobs much easier.”

Fan: “People love the vuvuzela. So, if people could actually check if they are safe to do something that they love (drive), it’s a win-win situation for both.”

[Castrol Magnatec: Protecting engines. Protecting drivers.]

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