Becel ‘Love Letters’ Case Study

Becel sought to reduce heart disease (and promote Becel margarine) via an emotional message that mothers wouldn’t tune out. Becel appealed to moms with ‘love letters’ from their own children.


Heart disease and stroke is a leading killer of Canadian mothers. The problem? Moms put the well-being of their families before their own. Becel and the Heart and Stroke Foundation wanted to inspire women to take care of themselves too. So, we organized a surprised event. We approached Canadian schools and created a letter writing campaign. Then Moms were invited to what they thought was a school play. Instead, they saw this.

Students (from commercial excerpts):

  • “Dear Mom: When I have a bad day at school, we talk while walking.”
  • “I love it when you tuck me in before bed.”
  • “You teach me manners. You make me eat vegetables. I love you Mom.”
  • “You help me when something is wrong.”
  • “I love you to the moon and back.”
  • “You take such good care of us. Take care of yourself too.”

A TV commercial was created from the footage. Online, you could personalize an encouraging video.  Moms soon took our message to heart. The national news was quick to take notice.


  • “In a brand new campaign, Becel is trying to get moms to put themselves and their health first.”
  • “It’s basically reminding moms to make ourselves a priority, because like our kids, our hearts need us too.”

As was the international press. Awareness of the main message was two times the norm. Web traffic went up over 125% and we surpassed our earned media impression goals by 40%. Most importantly, our message resonated with the people who mattered most. 

[Social Media clippings of comments from moms]

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Becel margarine is a butter alternative with less saturated fat. Becel promotes itself as part of “Heart Healthy Living.”  In fact, the Becel name is a combination of the letters B, C and L, an acronym for “Blood Cholesterol Lowering” and the Becel logo features a heart icon:

Becel logo

Heart disease and stroke is a leading killer of Canadian mothers, so Becel partnered with The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada to inspire women to take better care of themselves and reduce their risk.

To breakthrough all of the advertising directed at mothers, Becel sought to deliver an emotional message that mom’s wouldn’t tune out, by appealing to mothers through the voice of their own children.

At the height of the campaign, average daily traffic to the Becel website rose 126% and Becel surpassed its earned media impression goals by 40%. The campaign has also been liked or shared on Facebook over 330,000 times.

Becel ‘Love Letters’ TV Commercial

Becel ‘Take Care of Yourself Too’ Ad

A similar Becel ad, also featuring children, urges Mom’s to “take care of yourself too” and make “healthy choices.”  The ad is a prime example of customer affinity cause-marketing:

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