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saudi woman online march

Always ‘Saudi Womens Online March’ Case Study

Always wanted to empower Saudi women by giving them a voice. On April 15, Always launched the first ever online march, #MoveForTomorrow, in a country where public demonstrations are banned. Results: 100,000 new Facebook fans; 5,500+ new Instagram followers; 4.6 million social media impressions.

American Greetings #ThankList

American Greetings #ThankList Case Study

This Product-Cause Fit case study shows how American Greetings (the world’s largest greeting card producer) launched its #ThankList campaign to promote expressing gratitude.

Bank of America (Red) U2

Bank of America #Connect4Red Case Study

"You Engage. We'll Give": For each free download of the U2 song 'Invisible', Bank of America donated $1 to (RED) to fund life-saving AIDS medication for pregnant mothers. 

Becel Love Letters

Becel ‘Love Letters’ Case Study

Becel sought to reduce heart disease (and promote Becel margarine) via an emotional message that mothers wouldn’t tune out. Becel appealed to moms with 'love letters' from their own children.

Bell “Let’s Talk” Case Study

To put an end to the stigma of mental illness, Canada's largest telco created Bell Let's Talk in 2011. The initiative aims to sensitize the population while raising funds for mental health. For the fifth year of Bell Let's Talk, a key goal was to offer concrete tools to help change perceptions.

Burger King Proud Whopper

Burger King ‘Proud Whopper’ Case Study

The Proud Whopper was sold at a single San Francisco Burger King restaurant, to coincide with the city's Gay Pride Parade. The Proud Whopper generated: over one billion media impressions (worth $21 million of earned media), 7 million video views, 450,000 blog mentions, and became the number one trending topic on Facebook and Twitter.

Canadian Tire Shovel It Forward

Canadian Tire #ShovelItForward Case Study

Rather than compete on price, Canadian Tire used #ShovelItForward cause marketing to create store preference for low-involvement winter products (e.g., snow shovels, ice scrapers) which otherwise have low emotional resonance. In so doing, Canadian Tire positioned itself as "Canada's Winter Store."


Castrol ‘Vuvuliser’ Case Study

Castrol Magnatec created Vuvuliser: the first vuvuzela horn that's also a breathalyzer, to reduce road fatalities on the days of big soccer games.