SPC #MyFamilyCan Campaign: Introduction

2020/04/05 0

SPC’s #MyFamilyCan campaign urges Australians to #BuyHomeGrown. In this introductory ad, Australia’s largest fruit processor announces that its SPC and Ardmona brands will switch to labels which feature photos of Aussie farmers who grow the food.

SPC's Ardmona #BuyHomeGrown Ad

2020/04/05 0

Nostalgic B-roll of Australian family farms is the background for a stirring reading of Australia’s national anthem. The anthem is followed by a close-up of cans of Ardmona diced tomatoes. The can labels feature a photo of Aussie farmers who produced the tomatoes.

Yellow Pages 'Meet the New Neighborhood'

2020/04/05 0

Yellow Pages positions its app as the change agent for transforming the ‘old neighborhood’ into a thriving ‘new neighborhood’: “The difference is in a tap, a swipe, a click. And like that, the doors of those buildings open.”

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