‘Experiential Marketing’ is loosely defined as messaging you can touch, feel or view in the real world (not ‘virtually’ or via social media).

Applebee's Veterans Day Campaign: Herm Edwards

2024/06/22 0

In a Veterans Day commercial which appeared on ESPN, Herm Edwards (an ESPN Analyst) explains that Applebee’s has served 7.6 million free meals to veterans and service members and are about to serve a million more.

NFL 'Salute to Service'

2024/06/22 0

In-program promos of the NFL’s Salute to Service initiative, integrated with NFL coverage, on: NFL Fantasy Live (NFL Network), NFL Football (Fox), That Other Pregame Show (CBS), and NFL Game Day Highlights (NFL Network)

TOMS 'One Day Without Shoes'

2024/06/22 0

TOMS offered to give a pair of shoes to a child in need for every person who posted to Instagram a barefoot picture with the hashtag #WithoutShoes.