Apple's "Frankie’s Holiday" Ad

2020/05/27 0

Apple’s two minute holiday ad promotes tolerance and inclusiveness, as an initially frightened community embraces a Frankenstein-like character. Apples’s “Frankie’s Holiday” played both on television and in movie theaters.

Mattress Firm 'Foster Kids' Shoe Drive

2020/05/27 0

Mattress Firm supports foster kids (and attracts customers) by conducting year-round, in-store donation drives, collecting: shoes, money, clothing, pajamas, school supplies and holiday gifts.

Mattress Firm 'Foster Kids' Campaign: "Pajama Drive"

2020/05/27 0

Mattress Firm is running two commercials in tandem, both featuring Simone Biles: A standard ad AND a cause marketing ad promoting a pajama drive for foster children. Pajama donations are collected inside Mattress Firm stores..

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