Coca Cola’s 1971 ‘Hilltop’ commercial is perhaps the most famous Diversity cause marketing ad of all time. More recently, diversity ads have focused on LGBTQ acceptance, though religious acceptance (particularly for American Muslims) is also among current diversity themes.

Apple's "Frankie’s Holiday" Ad

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Apple’s two minute holiday ad promotes tolerance and inclusiveness, as an initially frightened community embraces a Frankenstein-like character. Apples’s “Frankie’s Holiday” played both on television and in movie theaters.

Coca-Cola 'Hilltop'

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According to the ad’s creator, the Hilltop commercial portrayed Coca-Cola as “a little social catalyst that can bring people together, talk things over, and sometimes communications get better if you’re just sitting over a bottle of Coke and looking people in the eye.”

Coca-Cola "Hilltop" Ad: Christmas Version

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Coca-Cola’s original “Hilltop” diversity commercial aired in 1971. During the mid-1970s, this new version of the ad was re-worked with a Christmas theme and re-aired each holiday season for several years.