While the goal of all cause marketing is to foster a positive reputation, CauseMarketing.com tags the business purpose of a campaign as “goodwill” when there is no other, more direct goal (i.e., sales, defense, or advocacy). As an example, if a cause marketing campaign offers veterans discounts or free meals on Veterans Day, then the business goal of that campaign is sales. But if the cause marketing campaign simply thanks veterans for their service without incentivizing sampling, then the business goal of that cause marketing campaign is “goodwill”.

Apple's "Frankie’s Holiday" Ad

2020/05/27 0

Apple’s two minute holiday ad promotes tolerance and inclusiveness, as an initially frightened community embraces a Frankenstein-like character. Apples’s “Frankie’s Holiday” played both on television and in movie theaters.

Cabela's Veterans Day Ad: #ThanksForTheOutdoors

2020/05/27 0

This veterans cause-marketing commercial is a first for Cabela’s, but the style of the ad is not. Rather than tout discounts or products, the Cabela’s ad portrays the outdoors as a place to experience heartfelt connections (with thanks to veterans for making that possible). On Facebook alone, the ad was viewed more than 1.5 million times, propelled by over 25,000 likes and 7,600 shares.

Coca-Cola "Hilltop" Ad: Christmas Version

2020/05/27 0

Coca-Cola’s original “Hilltop” diversity commercial aired in 1971. During the mid-1970s, this new version of the ad was re-worked with a Christmas theme and re-aired each holiday season for several years.

CVS Health at the StandUp2Cancer Telethon

2020/05/27 0

A juice bar with prominent CVS Health signage is the setting for three celebrities to recognize CVS Health for its efforts to reduce cancer, by: no longer selling tobacco, helping people to quit smoking, making it harder for others to start, and supporting StandUp2Cancer’s research. The segment aired simultaneously on multiple networks and cable channels.

Major League Baseball Stands Up to Cancer

2020/05/27 0

MLB players, vendors, fans, and an umpire honor the people in their lives affected by cancer as they hold “I Stand Up for” signs. The native ad announces that Stand Up For Cancer will be featured at the upcoming World Series Game on October 24, 2014.

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