Becel 'Love Letters'

2020/05/27 0

Becel sought to reduce heart disease (and promote Becel margarine) via ‘love letters’ from children to their moms. Becel tells mothers: You take great care of your kids — take care of yourself too.

Coca-Cola 'Hilltop'

2020/05/27 0

According to the ad’s creator, the Hilltop commercial portrayed Coca-Cola as “a little social catalyst that can bring people together, talk things over, and sometimes communications get better if you’re just sitting over a bottle of Coke and looking people in the eye.”

Coldwell Banker 'Adopt a Pet'

2020/05/27 0

Coldwell Banker’s CMO explains the cause marketing tie-in: “We’ve historically focused on finding homes for people… Well, why can’t we find homes for dogs?”

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